What are your God Given Gifts?

For some this is a easy question to answer. Others; not so much. Then there are those stuck in the dirt that may be aware of your gifts but simply not sure how to conduct it.

As of this week, we started a small group within our church. Truly believing God used it to give me the "wake up call" I needed. That patch of dirt that I mentioned above, it's where I have been stuck in. It needed some watering.

We watched a video during our small group that showed a man explaining a dream God had given him ( a wake up call) experiencing judgment of his stewardship. In this dream, he was able to recall his God Given Gifts and whether or not he used them or missed the opportunity.

In other words, how did use his talents to glorify God? How are you using your talents to glorify God?

In the video, the speaker mentioned motives. Motives - that can sometimes feel to be eerie word during conviction time. As he continued to speak on his dream. The motives stuck to me.

I was aware of my gifts but I wasn't giving them the attention deserved to blossom into what they were given to me in the first place for.

For those of you still unsure; apply these:

  1. First and foremost - Pray. I know it sounds cliché but trust me if you trust the process of prayer; clarity is invigorating. Ask God to show you.

  2. Look back on your childhood, I can almost guarantee, whatever gift God gave you; brought you pure joy as a adolescent.

  3. Evaluate if you are applying ulterior motives to your talents.

Books. Books have always been a love of mine. I found joy in the knowledge behind what you read. Intrigued of the perspective of the writer. Through of my adolescent years even now into a adult, there was two main characteristics about myself. I liked to read and I liked to talk. Gift of Gab if you will.

Combine the two at it's best and you receive a gift of writing. As a adult, I aware of what I was blessed with but up until recently; these were barely exercised or exercised at all.

Two years ago when I started a small women's bible study; I was given the promise from God that I would be writer. Scared and not at all confident that I could be something I adored all these years. Through my gift of Gab; people were intrigued of the things I shared; how conversation was smooth.

"You should write a book"; this was a common statement and sometimes the perfect reminder of God promise that I was too afraid to obey.

Fast Forward, given the opportunity to write for a mom blog then has led me here. Finally, Writing!

Granted, writing wasn't at all what I expected. The writers' block. The insecurity. The fear of failure and judgment. The Stagnation. It was all suffocating and created doubt in my God Given Gift.

The root was my focus: my motive; where my attention was dedicated. Through my blog, I decided to start a small business building from my writing. The option to buy a piece of my stories.

Putting more attention on creating a profit then using my gift for praise. My motives were wrong.

This isn't to say that we aren't suppose to use our talents as a career path; it's how we use these talents for more opportunities within our careers to glorify God.

Make sure your roots are getting watered property to maintain the perfect blossom of glory and praise.

That video along with the chance to see I had people that wanted to hear me, wanted to relate, wanted to know God through me gave me the confidence to prioritize my God Given Gift to continue to share the growth available through God.

All you have to do is tend to the Gift in His Name God will water the rest.

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